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We would love to hear what you think about the ABC's of Niceness book. Use the form below to send us your review and we just might share it with others that visit this site.

The Critics Love this book

“This book is for all ages. The vocabulary makes it interesting for adults to share and discuss with younger children and for other readers from age 9 to 99 to be reminded of the ‘importance of being NlCE’l”

Diane Gramstad
elementary school educator and grandmother of ten

“I love the enthusiasm of this book... you kept up the interest and excitement throughout for children and for an adult reading to a child...”


Lucy Sotojournalist and mother of four

“Linda Keefe has captured the essentials of character development for children to emerge as kind, thoughtful, and ultimately successful grown-ups. During my two generations as a pediatrician and father of five it has been shown, time and time again, that the happiest of families are those in which the children do “nice’ things for their parents each day. This book is a treasure for families with its timeless wisdom.”


Michael R. Papciak, MD

As a coach of high school-age athletes, I always hope that the groundwork has been laid for me to have good, solid citizens to work with. Linda's book is a great "foundation- builder" where young children can begin to understand and appreciate just how important it is to simply be a "nice" person. This is not only a great book with its message, but it is presented in a thoroughly enjoyable manner.


Paul BaileyThe Center for Athletic Excellence (C4AE)

This guide for our children is unlike anything on the market. It will serve as a delightful discussion guide for parents of young children. Children who need clarity and emphasis on kind behavior. Older children will also benefit from reading this book. The illustrations are cleverly drawn to enhance interest throughout, and they do just that! And.... The Biblical guide is the perfect finishing touch!


Judi C

What better timing than now to re-introduce niceness to our coming generations. The illustrations will capture the interest of both children and their elders, both of whom will want to share these snippets of learning about how to be nice to each other.


Cami Hofstadter, Ph.D.

In a time and age when we seem to busy to take time to teach the "niceties of life", how perfect is this book. Absolutely on target for just one of the much-needed lessons of today's society. Congratulations, Linda, for a job extremely well-done. I love it.


Jacqueline B.

With this enjoyable and interactive book, Linda Keefe has given parents a guide that will teach their children the "basics" of communicative life. The advent of social media has caused many to forget how to communicate properly and to simply be thoughtful and considerate. Although this is directed at the younger generation, I think that it should be required reading for any age!


Leslie M.

This is a great book! My grandkids loved it and were asking me to read it again. A really good tool,and something our world really needs.


G. White

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